We've designed You Can Do It Computers to work with simple "One Touch" operation.

Our programs feature big, easy to see and easy to use buttons that work with just One Touch of your finger.

Easy to Use

All of our programs and internet web links feature big buttons that are easy to use! While standard computers require difficult double-clicking, Easy Senior Computers' innovative technology simplifies all operation to just one touch!

If a website you visit has small print that is difficult to read, you can quickly make it bigger with one click of the magnifying glass button.

Easy to Operate

Keyboard has easy-to-see markings.

Large roller ball is easy to use. Optional Touch Screen model is even easier, no mouse needed.

No difficult start up or shut down. Just push the button once for on, push again for off.

If you can turn your TV on and change channels, Easy Senior Computers are for you!


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