Q   I have never used a computer before, will I be able to learn to use Easy Senior Computers?

A   If you can turn your tv on and change channels, you will be able to use Easy Senior Computers. We've made the most popular activities easy and fun to use. YES You can learn to use Easy Senior Computers!



Q   I used to use computers but it's getting more difficult. How are Easy Senior Computers different?

A   We've made everything bigger, less complicated, and easier to do.
  • More than 100 pre-tested websites with big, easy, button links.

  • Large address space for typing in your favorite www website addresses.

  • Easiest Bookmarks fill your screen to they're easy to read and use.

  • Big wide screen or large touch screen monitors makes websites much bigger and easier to read and use!

  • No mouse! No difficult pointing and double-clicking like other computers.

  • Keyboard features larger than normal lettering. Optional extra large 1 inch keys available.

  • Dozens of pre-tested online games that are fun and simple to play.

  • Links to the leading email services, plus a free trial of PawPawMail.

  • No programs to install, no updates to choose, no annoying popups, no flashing ads.

  • Simple one button start up and shutdown, unlike other more complicated computers.

  • Friendly customer service to answer your questions and help you when you need it.



Q   Can I just buy You Can Do It software and install it on my old computer or do I have to buy the entire computer system?

A   Easy Senior Computers are much more than just software. The entire computer has been designed from the inside-out to operate differently than other computers. This is the simplest, lowest maintenance computer available anywhere.

We have created our software to interface with the computer itself, and all of the components inside have been selected for their durability and compatibility with our customized operating system and programs.

Simply put, if your current computer is frustrating and difficult, adding more software to it will still leave you with the same frustrating and difficult computer.



Q   Can I add my own programs, games, or a digital camera or scanner?

A   Easy Senior Computers are designed to be simple and easy, so adding complicated software and equipment would defeat our purpose. Standard computers are more appropriate for those who want to add software and other peripherals.

For those who have experience with file systems, many cameras and thumbdrives that can be connected with a USB are compatible for transfer of photos from most cameras and thumb drives into the Easy Senior Computer photos folder.



Q   Does the Easy Senior Computer work without the internet?

A   Easy Senior Computers are designed specifically for the internet, to be used with high speed internet connection. This is not a computer designed for use without an internet connection.



Q   How do You Can Do It Computers connect to the internet?

A   You Can Do It Computers are designed to connect quickly and easily to a wired standard high speed internet service modem with no password protection. You will need to arrange this service from an internet service provider in your area.

We do not support wireless connections due to the complexity and unreliability of wireless setup and maintenance.

Persons with an emergency service on their phone line, such as Lifeline, usually cannot use telephone based DSL. Instead, cable based high speed, wired, internet service through your local cable tv provider is suitable.



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